Approximately 13 years ago, we were given Tammy, a tri-color Border Collie pup with Lithgow bloodlines. On her sires side, she goes back to Lithgow Darky, and her dam is Lithgow’s Nell by Lithgow Star. She has proven to be an invaluable worker and a great help, and mate over the years.

She has survived being run over, and two operations. Even so, we have to keep her from going down to the yards. We kept two pups from her first litter by Lithgow Ripper. Blossom [12 years] is still alive, and is still Andy’s best dog. Tammy was also mated to Matheson's Kipp, and Blossom to Pat Hill’s Bau.

Over the years we have mated the females and endeavoured to continue with the strong Lithgow line, as the dogs have been excellent workers. Occasionally we sell some of the offspring. Andy is especially fond of his dogs. Below are photos of some.

TAMMY: S. Allens Tim D. Lithgow Nell
Dogs enjoying a ride in the ute
SPY: S. Lithgow Ripper D. Tammy
BLOSSOM: S. Lithgow Ripper D. Tammy
BESS: S. Pat Hill’s Bau D. Blossom
CHOCKO: S. Spy D. Biddy
choco and brother
STITCHES: S. Spy D. Bess
CHOCKO: S. Spy D. Biddy
BIDDY: S. Matheson’s Kipp D. Tammy
GIDGE: S. Spy D. Bess