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YOMAN 2069/2

LOT 494, RBWS YOMAN 2069

$44000 New Stud sire for Neslo Brahmans (Bought in conjunction with Lynley Park Brahmans and Arresso Brahmans). We believe his scale, muscling (EMA 147) and superb temperament will complement our breeders and be a distinctly positive influence in our herds.



For purchasing LOT 777 RBWS 2014 $23000 And to all our supporters and underbidders: Neilsen Pastoral Holdings, Manaman Grazing, D A Cocks, John Howard, PA & A M Galloway, D & R Hobbs, IF Mitchellmore, Lester Boyle.

No nonsense beef producing, fertile, functional cattle.

Neslo brahmans was established in the 1970s with the purchase of registered brahman breeders to commence the stud. Now some 800 head of red and grey brahmans are run on the families properties at Taroom (300kms south west of Rockhampton) and Rockhampton. Our aim is to breed bullock producing bulls for the commercial producer,as well as potential stud sires. We select for quiet temperament, growthy cattle with good bone, beef, length and tidy underlines.

Unique Australian Genetics – The baby’s been thrown out with the bathwater?

The Brahman industry in Australia has been focused on importing genetics from overseas. As a result the Australian Brahman breed, derived naturally under harsh Australian conditions from cattle imported in the 1930s and 1950s, has all but disappeared.

We have maintained and continued to improve some of these old Australian Brahman genetics and have one of the largest pure herds of these cattle in Australia and indeed the world. They meet our selection criteria and are no nonsense beef producers.

We are not in the Ostrich business

We don’t have our heads in the sand! We are very interested in the wide range of imported genetics available and have been selectively using a variety of red and grey imported genetics in our breeding program.

Genestar Tender Brahmans

We have been focusing on selection for the DNA tested genetic markers for tenderness. Our herd has several 4, 5 and 6 star (out of 8) tender sires in use which we have bred ourselves from both Australian and imported grey and red cattle.

This is a major focus of our breeding program. There is a negative perception to the eating quality of Brahman beef in the community. Selecting for tenderness genetics makes good sense.